Send Money Global's technology and development partners are the best in the industry in their core product and service offerings. They also share our vision in making a difference in the lives of the underserved. They are all of the highest integrity and have been key in the development process of our products.





In addition to working heavily in the development of our fully-integrated financial service and adserve platforms, together with our technology and development partners, we are always looking for ways to deliver additional features and functionalities that will enhance the overall consumer experience.

We all have a shared vision. And together, we are delivering something that has never been done before.

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Our My Pay Kiosk Company, Team, and Distributors:

Our My Pay Kiosk Company + Serving the Underserved Kiosk | Our My Pay Kiosk and Send Money Global Team
Financial Services Kiosk Partners + Financial Services Kiosk Partners + Narrowcast/Adserve Partners | Our Global and Regional My Pay Kiosk Distributors and Distribution
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Our Alternative Financial Services + Narrowcast AdServe Advertising Products:

Our My Pay Kiosk Financial Services | Our My Pay Kiosk AdServe and Narrowcast Model

Our My Pay Kiosk Features and Merchant Revenue Program:

Our My Pay Kiosk Functionality | Our My Pay Kiosk Product Features | Our My Pay Kiosk Target Audience
Our My Pay Kiosk Captive Audience Space Narrowcast
| Merchant Requirements for My Pay Kiosks | My Pay Kiosk Usage Volume
My Pay Kiosk Monthly Revenue
| My Pay Kiosk – Kiosk ID and User ID Match System | My Pay Kiosk Referrals and Rewards Program
My Pay Kiosk Debit Card Swipe Program
| My Pay Kiosk Retailer Value Proposition to Consumers | My Pay Kiosk + U.S. EB-5 Visa Program
Our Global Footprint for Our My Pay Kiosks

My Pay Kiosk Product Demo:

Consumer-Facing User Interface Demo

Our Portfolio of Websites:

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