Send Money Global selects distributors based on our shared vision and highest level of integrity. They too want to truly make a difference - and they are our key representatives in the field establishing relationships with Retailers, C-Store Merchants, and Community Non-Profit 501(c)3s. Their primary focus is the deployment of our My Pay Kiosks within the U.S. and abroad.


Our distribution partnerships are growing at a rapid pace - and we are in negotiations with many more potential U.S.-based distributors, as well as abroad. Here is our current distribution footprint:

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Media Horse Distribution Group (MHDG) is our global distributor operating out of Pennsylvania and Delaware. The MHDG leadership team is a substantial group of leaders with well-known names and reputation.

qme distributor

Bentley Charlemagne, MHDG Founder and Partner – Founding Partner, Brand Director and Creator, Wilmington, DE

Fred Barnett, MHDG Partner – Former Wide Receiver NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Miami Dolphins

Tom Bergey, MHDG Founder and Partner – 20+ years in advertising, Founder/CEO of Bergey Creative Group, Philadelphia, PA

Theo R. Nix, Jr., MHDG Partner – Corporate Counsel at Dupont Corporation, Business Owner, and Motivational Speaker

In addition to being our distributor, MHDG also has their myQME social platform designed to reward you. You can manage your entire social world from one unified location and get rewarded for connecting and sharing. Membership roster includes well-known musicians, artists, models, actors, businesses, professionals, and non-profits. Partnerships include a host of well-known pro athletes in every major sports category - from NFL, NBA, MLB, Nascar, and many more.


Samir Mody

Jim Dorman is our distributor for the state of Tennessee and beyond. As a Retired United States Air Force Officer, Jim has extensive leadership experience and has owned several companies since his Air Force retirement – including a chain of Pawn Shops and his distribution company, HRMi. Jim knows the value of our product for both the consumer and as a Merchant – and he is excited about delivering this next-generation financial services platform.


Samir Mody

Dr. Troy Becker leads our My Pay Kiosk distribution throughout Texas and beyond. As a practicing Optometrist in Northwest Houston, Troy has a natural ability to effectively foster and sustain relationships. In addition to his medical eye practice, Troy is a distributor of high-end custom eyewear – and has deep experience in marketing and consumer engagement. With roots entrenched in Texas, he has developed and fostered significant and key relationships with C-Store Merchants and Retailers. Troy leads our kiosk deployment in Texas with his initial focus on Houston and San Antonio.


If you would like to become a My Pay Kiosk Distributor, please contact us >


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