Check Cashing Kiosks is one of three delivery platforms (online app, mobile app and self-serve interactive kiosks) and a division of Send Money Global. Send Money Global is a subsidiary of Globalcast Media Holdings. Send Money Global was launched with a very clear and highly strategic vision – to deliver alternative financial services in a very different way. Easy access to do everything a consumer neesd to better manage their money, cash their check, pay their bills, and better protect their hard earned cash - all at the LOWEST FEES possible. Many have called us "disruptive". Yes, we are changing the game.

There's a reason why over 30% of the U.S. population has become unbanked or underbanked - they either can't get accepted into a bank or they have chosen not to be banked for a number of reasons. Some are simply fed up with the heavy increase in overdraft fees of banks and want to take charge of their own money. Banks are trying to get the unbanked consumers back into their banks - with little or no success - according to the FDIC, over 70% of those currently unbanked have made it clear they will "never return to the traditional banking system". But to go unbanked or underbanked comes at a cost. Predatory lenders such as payday loans, cash advance and check cashing stores have preyed on this fast growing population with high check cashing fees, high interest payday loans, fee-heavy prepaid cards, and many more. The Supreme Court and over 15 U.S. states have already implemented new laws that have removed these predatory practices from their states. Unfortunately, of the 15 states who have implemented laws to stop predatory practices against consumers, all but one (Arkansas) are in the northern states where the unbanked populations are significantly smaller. Southern states such as Texas, Florida, California, and all states in between - such as Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada have the highest populations of unbanked. If you are part of the fast-growing population of unbanked, where do you turn? Regardless of where you live, state or country, north or south, you need a better solution. What if there was a better way to manage and save your money? Finally there is.


Our mission is to level the playing field and serve the underserved with dignity and respect. Our consumer target audience is primarily the unbanked and underbanked (over 30% of the U.S. population - and all the way up to over 80% in other countries globally) - plus the banked consumer (over 40% of banked consumers use non-bank means to transfer money. Click here to find out more about our rapidly growing target audience >

What we have done is developed a full suite of products and established substantial partnerships in technology and money processing. We have developed three platforms of delivery - our interactive self-service kiosks (Check Cashing Kiosks and Money Transfer Kiosks), our online application, and our mobile application. From these three platforms a consumer can set up an ewallet, attach any debit card (we also offer our own Send Money Global-branded prepaid debit cards awith the lowest fees possible), send and receive money (at the lowest fees - and without going to a money transfer retail store), deposit their check (the lowest fees - and without going to a check cashing store), pay their bills, top-off their prepaid phone, purchase gift cards, and much more. The key to our success is delivering one seamless and easy-to-use application on multiple platform - so they can choose a platform they are most comfortable in using - and everything they need in one place.

But we didn't stop there. We also give consumers great discounts on all sorts of things from local merchants, restaurants and big brand product and service categories. To do this, we partnered with well-known brands - Cox Target Media and Valpak. Brands you know with deals consumers need and want.

Are we "disruptive"? Oh yes. And we wear it as a badge of honor.


Our company has regional offices in Texas and Florida - and Check Cashing Kiosks are a division of Send Money Global and Globalcast Media Holdings (parent company) - with a wide range of divisions based on specific product offerings:

Send Money Global Check Cashing Kiosks


We offer a full suite of alternative financial services for the unbanked, underbanked, and banked consumers. In addition, we have many other brands - such as our military branding, point-of-entry kiosk brands, and our AdServe, Narrowcast, and ATM Video Toppers:

Send Money Global Check Cashing Kiosks


Consumer-Facing Online/Mobile Website: http://www.sendmoneyglobal.com

ActiveDuty/Veteran Military-Facing Commissary/Xchange Website: http://www.xchangecash.com

Consumer-Facing Discount/Deals Website: http://www.bigmonsterdeals.com


Corporate Website: http://www.globalcastmediaholdings.com

Merchant/Retailer Financial Kiosk Website: http://www.mypaykiosk.com

Merchant/Retailer Check Cashing Kiosk Website: http://www.checkcashingkiosk.com

Merchant/Retailer Bill Pay Kiosk Website: http://www.mybillpaykiosk.com

Merchant/Retailer Money Transfer Kiosk Website: http://www.moneytransferkiosk.com


Narrowcast AdServe Website: http://www.captiveaudiencespace.com

ATM Video Topper Narrowcast Website: http://www.atmvideotoppers.com (currently under development)

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