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Our full suite of financial products are designed to run on ANY device - because we want consumers to have the ability to manage their money on the device of their choice - what they are most comfortable in using. We also give consumers the flexibility to start on one device - and then move over to a different one whenever they choose. You can even go back and forth from several devices - it doesn't matter. Simply sign in. Different platforms, same experience. Our portfolio of financial services delivers the right solution for ALL of a consumer's financial means.


Our Check Cashing Kiosks serve as the physical presence of our brand, and located in the communities we serve - and a consumer always has a choice on the platform they want to use. But as the entry point for the consumer, our KID/UID system ensures you will continue to receive a revenue stream from ALL users who start on your kiosk - even if they only use your kiosk once and then move over to our online or mobile apps. Find out more about our KID/UID Program >

We have brought together and integrated a full suite of financial services for the consumer - and delivered them at the lowest fees possible.


The high value propositions for the consumer is the power to manage your money beyond the capabilities of a bank - and without the bank. The total number of consumers who currently use alternative financial services is over 30% of the U.S. population - and over 80% of consumers in other countries globally. For banked consumers, over 40% of the world population use non-bank money transfer services to send and receive money.


There are many reasons why an individual would not use a bank to manage their money - either it is by choice or the inability to get a bank account. In some countries, being banked is not an option - due to lack of access or economic instability. And for this rapidly growing population of the unbanked - over 70% have stated they would never return to a traditional banking institution. What this means is that this target audience is not likely to return to a traditional bank AND will continue to grow.

The substantial world population who are currently un-banked, being unbanked does come at a cost. Limited access to financial services - and predatory practices to fill the alternative financial services space. Bottomline is that unbanked consumers are being unfairly discriminated against by high fees and inaccessibility. We have changed all that.


Case Study in Check Cashing and Money Transfer

Think of the Netflix model and the impact they had on Blockbuster. Yes, a new solution with low fees - but Netflix was an online component WITHOUT an offline "physical presence". Then came Redbox - the same value proposition of Netflix with low fees - but now with a "physical presence" (Redbox kiosks) allowing consumers easy and direct physical access to DVDs/Games.

Think of Check Cashing Stores, Western Union and MoneyGram as the Blockbusters (physical locations + high fees). They truly are the Blockbusters of today. Now think of Ewallets that have emerged over the last few years as the Netflix (low fees - but online presence only). Send Money Global is changing all that with our three platforms - low fees + online and mobile apps + our Check Cashing Kiosks as our "physical locations".

Yes, there are other ewallets/mobile wallets out there - but they are only replicating the Netflix online model. Some have lower fees than the predatory businesses - but often very difficult to find due to marketing, and often complex or hidden fees. Not only do they lack the offline "physical presence", they often have huge gaps in product offerings. And most don't have the level of security we provide to keep your cash safe. There are also other kiosks on the market that offer check cashing - but they are more in line with the predatory fees of the check cashing stores. They also don't offer the full range of financial services we offer, are usually very large (oversized footprint in your store), antiquated technology, high failure rate processing platforms, and large cash loads required by the merchant due to their cash-out systems (cash-out also increases crime and product tampering).

Our portfolio of products are available to every consumer at the very lowest fees possible - and our Check Cashing Kiosks are not only virtually maintenance free - and cash load free - they serve as the physical presence that other ewallets/mobilewallets don't have. So when you compare, there is no comparison.


In most cases, our Check Cashing Kiosks will be the entry point for consumers. Once the consumer has signed up and cashed their check, they may move over to our online or mobile app. So what happens if you are a merchant with a kiosk depending on users to increase your financial services revenue stream? No need to worry - our business strategy team took this into account and we integrated a Kiosk ID (KID) and User ID (UID) program that means you the merchant will still receive credit and revenue from any user that starts on your kiosk and then moves on to our online or mobile app. When a consumer sets up their account on your kiosk, their UID will forever be connected to your KID. Click here to find out more about our KID/UID Program >

Click here to find out more about our Product Features >


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