Our company has regional offices in Texas and Florida.

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Globalcast Media Holdings – Check Cashing Kiosk Sales Office:
701 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1550, Miami, Florida 33131 (Brickell FInancial Services - Bank of America Tower)

Corporate Toll-Free: 1.800.243.6163, Fax: 1.800.243.6164

Please feel free to contact us M-F - 8:30AM to 5:00PM (Eastern Standard Time) or email us at any time.

For Technology, Integration, and Regulatory Partnerships, please contact:
Bret Stout, Founder and CEO - 512.516.7549 CONTACT VIA EMAIL

For Check Cashing Kiosk Purchase, Distribution and Narrowcast Inquiries, please contact:
Raul Hernandez, President and Director of Sales and Acquisitions - 305.322.5439 CONTACT VIA EMAIL

For Professional Sports Partnerships and Independent Agent Structuring, please contact:
Antonio Twymon, Director of Sports Partnerships - 954.661.6704 CONTACT VIA EMAIL

Thank you - and we look forward to hearing from you.


Our Check Cashing Kiosk Company, Team, and Distributors:

Our Check Cashing Kiosk Company + Serving the Underserved Kiosk | Our Check Cashing Kiosk and Send Money Global Team
Financial Services Kiosk Partners + Financial Services Kiosk Partners + Narrowcast/Adserve Partners | Our Global and Regional Check Cashing Kiosk Distributors and Distribution
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Our Alternative Financial Services + Narrowcast AdServe Advertising Products:

Our Check Cashing Kiosk Financial Services | Our Check Cashing Kiosk AdServe and Narrowcast Model

Our Check Cashing Kiosk Features and Merchant Revenue Program:

Our Check Cashing Kiosk Functionality | Our Check Cashing Kiosk Product Features | Our Check Cashing Kiosk Target Audience
Our Check Cashing Kiosk Captive Audience Space Narrowcast
| Merchant Requirements for Check Cashing Kiosks | Check Cashing Kiosk Usage Volume
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| Check Cashing Kiosk – Kiosk ID and User ID Match System | Check Cashing Kiosk Referrals and Rewards Program
Check Cashing Kiosk Debit Card Swipe Program
| Check Cashing Kiosk Retailer Value Proposition to Consumers | Check Cashing Kiosk + U.S. EB-5 Visa Program
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Check Cashing Kiosk Product Demo:

Check Cashing Kiosks Product Demo

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