When a Check Cashing Kiosk is introduced into a community, those families are empowered to have the access to a full portfolio of financial products without the predatory fees. And the merchant c-store or retailer becomes the facilitator of this empowerment. And it's a great feeling knowing you are delivering the products they want and need - and saving them so much money. And when you do this, you are changing lives.

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Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing - especially when you are introducing a new model to your community. Not only will the community flock to your store, they will tell their friends and family - so expect a dramatic increase in traffic. And with traffic comes an increase of in-store sales. Consumers will create an infinity to your store, your brand and you.

On top of being recognized as the facilitator of great savings for the community, you will have an immediate impact on check cashing and money transfer stores - and you will pull customers and revenue from these predatory operators of high fees.

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