Users will receive periodical notifications about the structure of our Rewards Program via SMS text messages and emails. There will be a simple overview of the rewards and referral program that clearly outlines the process and value proposition for that user.
The rewards component may include special offers for future financial service transactions, including but not limited to discounts on check cashing, money transfer, bill pay, free products, and more.

They will be encouraged to tell their family, friends and co-workers about the great pricing of our products – eg. savings up to 75% less on check cashing and money transfer. They will be instructed to provide a promo code that will associate the new user with the referring user’s UID+KID.

When that new user sets up their e-wallet, they will type in the promo code they were provided by the original user. Note: It does not matter if this new user ever uses the originating kiosk – even if set up their E-Wallet online at our website or download our mobile app, their UID will forever be connected to the originating kiosk KID. The only restriction is if that referee signs up for their E-Wallet on a different kiosk unit (they are located in another city, state, or country) – and in this case, this new kiosk location will receive credit for that user and anyone they refer. Setting up an E-Wallet on a kiosk at a different location will automatically assign your UID to that new kiosk.

When a user refers another person (referee) to the portfolio of products Send Money offers, that kiosk location will receive revenue credit for all referred users no matter where geographically or online/mobile platform. Our Rewards and Referral Program is a significant source of revenue beyond the physical location or usage of a single kiosk location. Let’s take a look at how this plays out:

10 Consumers/day x 30 days = 300 Users/mo x 5 Referrals/mo = 1,500 total UID+KID Users/mo
20 Consumers/day x 30 days = 600 Users/mo x 5 Referrals/mo = 3,000 total UID+KID Users/mo
30 Consumers/day x 30 days = 900 Users/mo x 5 Referrals/mo = 4,500 total UID+KID Users/mo
40 Consumers/day x 30 days = 1200 Users/mo x 5 Referrals/mo = 6,000 total UID+KID Users/mo
60 Consumers/day x 30 days = 1800 Users/mo x 5 Referrals/mo = 9,000 total UID+KID Users/mo
80 Consumers/day x 30 days = 2400 Users/mo x 5 Referrals/mo = 12,000 total UID+KID Users/mo

As you can see, our Referrals and Rewards program will produce substantial revenue for you, the Merchant, from new users that may live in another state or country - and never step foot in your store and use your kiosk.

Note: The above are only estimates - and referal volume could actually be less than shown above, or more than shown above.

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