The success of our Check Cashing Kiosks first came from listening to the consumer and delivering a full range of financial services to manage their money - at the lowest fees. But this has to be combined with merchant requirements - THEIR needs and wants. By listening, we have created the right features and functionalities - combined with the right platform and simple and easy-to-understand consumer user interface.


You would think that "low fees" for the consumer means the kiosk would not produce the desired revenue stream for the merchant. This is not the case. When you deliver the right money management tools and low fee value proposition to the consumer, they will flock to your store. They will also tell their friends and family members about your kiosk - which means an increase of in-store customers. You are also delivering a better solution for those who currently use check cashing and money transfer stores - which means you will be pulling in even more customers from your competitors. And with this increase of traffic, in-store sales will also increase. You are delivering a self-service kiosk at the point-of-money-transaction. What this means is consumers using your kiosk will also be more compelled to purchase your in-store products.

And we didn't stop there...


We created a very robust adserve UI and upper Narrowcast screen that also produces revenue. We partnered with Valpak - a well-known brand your customers will connect with for special discounts and deals - in-store, as well as local restuarants and other service providers that are not in direct competition with your business operation.


Our upper Narrowcast screen was created to deliver additional revenue for the merchant. This platform goes by many different names: "Narrowcast", "Digital Signage", and "Captive Audience Space". This broadcast screen located at the top of our Check Cashing Kiosks are sold in bulk to National Brand Advertisers seeking the elusive captive audience space based on geographical footprints and specific target audiences - your customers. The value of this space is based on many different factors including in-store traffic counts and number of impressions. The 15:SEC broadcast spots run in a continual loop - so an advetisers spot many run 50 to 100 times during store operations. This means a third layer of revenue for you, the merchant.


In addition to the paid spots by National Brand Advertisers, we also loop in free public service announcements fro three types of non-profit organizations - including cancer awareness and prevention, community programs focused on family and youth, and organizations that promote support for disabled Veterans.


We can also loop in 15:SEC spots (whether video or static ads) that promote your store. And our marketing team will help you create your ads. You also have the opportunity to add additional advertisers to the upper Narrowcast screen. Think about the products and brands you currently sell in your store. They have the opportunity to promote their in-store products with our captive audience space. Simply tell them about your new kiosk and have them contact us to be included - and you again increase your ongoing revenue.


There are many reasons why our Check Cashing Kiosks do not dispense cash (cash-less):

Your Current ATM Revenue

We understand and respect your current revenue stream with your in-store ATM - and we know on average your ATM is producing between $500 to $1,000 per month. Our product cannot interupt this revenue stream. In fact, our Check Cashing Kiosks will actually increase your monthly ATM revenue. How? When your current customers, as well as all of the new customers brought in from your competitors, cash their check and load their debit cards with their paycheck, they will then use your ATM to get cash. This means there will automatically be an increase of revenue for you on your ATM.

The Safekeeping of Money

One of the biggest value propositions for the consumer is the ability to cash their check and manage their money with their ewallet and debit card - where their money is much safer than carrying a large sum of cash. Think about the Check Cashing Stores and Money Transfer Retailers. When consumers use one of these types of establishments to cash their check or receive money, they are highly vulnerable to crime. Criminals know that patrons of these establishments are walking out with large sums of cash and become targets. Simply Google "crime", "robbery", "carjacking" combined with "Check Cashing Store" or "Money Transfer Retailer" and you will be flooded with news stories of customers becoming victims.

No Load for the Merchant

Because our Check Cashing Kiosks are "cash-less", this means you the merchant is not required to load it with cash. Our kiosks are also specifically designed to not look like an ATM. Our sleek design lets criminals know that our kiosks are obviously "cash-less" - which means a dramatic decrease in tampering or theft.

Consumers Are Empowered

Consumers are empowered because they don't have to pull out their debit card every time they use our kiosk. It does not dispense cash so they complete their transactions without walking away with cash. Once they cash their check on the kiosk, the processing deactivates the check after approval and load - which means if they lose or have their check stolen after the transaction, that check is a worthless piece of paper that cannot be used/deposited again.


By listening to merchants and retailers, we know that the two primary considerations are revenue potential and floor space. We know that floor space is limited and very valuable. Our Check Cashing Kiosks not only had to be designed to take up minimal space - they MUST produce a solid revenue stream. Yes, making 10 to 15% of net revenue would be substantial - but we wanted to provide a huge and unexpected value proposition for you, the merchant.

So in addition to our corporate owned kiosk, our strategy was to give merchants the opportunity to purchase their own kiosks and make a very generous revenue stream. By doing this we are able to meet our goal of massive U.S., Latin America and globall deployment - as quickly as possible. If we place one of our corporate-owned Check Cashing Kiosks in your store, your receive 30% of all net revenue produced on both the finacial services and AdServe/Narrowast platforms.

And when you purchase a Check Cashing Kiosk(s) for your location(s), you will receive a generous a percentage of ALL net revenue. Our "transparency model" means you have full admin access to what your kiosk(s) are producing with real-time reporting and analytics. You will receive payment on your revenue percentage on the 15th day following the previous month's activity.

Substantial monthly revenue stream for you AND the lowest fees possible for the consumer. It doesn't get any better than this.

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