Our Check Cashing Kiosk success begins with the simplicity of both the overall kiosk design and the user interface (UI)) design. The process for a consumer to cash their check is simple and highly intuitive. We understand that to shorten gap-to-adoption, we had to deliver an over-simplified process. Our Founder/CEO and technical teams have tremendous UI experience in concepting and development of many platforms and kiosks in use globally by millions of people every day.

Think of the simplicity of UI for an ATM or an American Airlines eTicketing kiosk. Think of the simplicity of ordering pizza online or getting an online insurance quote. Think about the booking engine for American Airlines and the next-generation, state-of-the-art booking engine for Norwegian Cruise Lines (the first ever booking engine to incorporate the booking funnel with the exploratory funnel). Think about the simplicity of the UI experience for Palm Pre, Blackberry, and the HP Slate. Think about the simplicity of the online banking app for Bank of America.

The Send Money Global team members either led the UI strategy and creative or were heavily involved in the development of all of the above. And we have taken this depth of experience in the UI strategy for all three of our platforms - online app, mobile app, and our Check Cashing Kiosks.


check cashing kiosk

The process to cash your check is simple on the surface (the UI for the consumer), while deep complexity beneath (below the UI). The foundation of the platform integrates a huge depth of layers that allow the process to be simplified - from check image capture, merchant processing for debit card, credit card, and bank account loads to ewallet, real-time check verification processing, multi-tiered API integration, international regulatory ewallet compliance and licensing, money remittance and foreign exchange currency rate conversion, security and PCI compliance, pin number application and assignment through ewallet and prepaid debit card processing, employer API for direct deposit, bill pay API and authorization for money remittance, prepaid phone toppers via account authorization and ID verification, real-time fee calculation per transaction tiers and API routing, language localization and globalization, and so much more:

Check Cashing Kiosk Functionality

But the consumer just knows it's easy and it works. And they save a whole bunch of money.


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A great gap-to-adoption case study would be the evolution of the DVD rental space. Blockbuster once owned the market in DVD rentals - and they charged high fees for such rentals. Then came Netflix - an online alternative where the value proposition for the consumer was the deep savings over Blockbuster. And then came Redbox. What Redbox did was deliver a physical solution for immediate access for the consumer. The parallels in our industry are very similar. Think of Western Union and MoneyGram as the Blockbuster (physical retail locations charging predatory fees) - our Send Money Global online and mobile apps as Netflix (an online solution with extremely low fees but without the physical retail store) - and think of our Check Cashing Kiosks as the Redbox (the physical platform with low fees). Click here to see a visual depiction of the Blockbuster to Redbox Case Study >


In addition to our top tier UI screen with financial services and payment remittance, our adserve component partnership with CallistoTV and Valpak deliver a simple UI where the consumer can easily browse discounts and deals-of-the-day offers by product/brand name or category.

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When you secure a Check Cashing Kiosk for your C-store or retail location, we will provide you all the training and point-of-sale marketing material to establish and build a powerful in-store presence. On-screen call-to-actions and value propositions will also appear on the upper Narrowcast screen to increase awareness and engagement by your customers and the new customers you will pull from your competitors and check cashing and money transfer stores.


There are many value propositions for the consumer - from the increased speed of transactions, the ability to keep their hard-earned money safe and secure, attach ANY prepaid debit card to their ewallet account, top-off their prepaid phone, pay their utility bills, and more - AND save up to 75% off fees normally associated with such transactions.

They now have three platforms to choose from to manage their money like a bank - but without the bank.


In geographical areas where there is a lessor population of the unbanked, the kiosks will be branded "Money Transfer Kiosk". The point-of-entry branding is key to reach the right target audience in applicable locations. Note: over 40% of the banked consumer uses non-bank money transfer services - but now they can save up to 75% over fees charged by companies such as Western Union, MoneyGram and Xoom. But regardless of the point-of-entry, whether "Check Cashing Kiosk" or "Money Transfer Kiosk", all of the portfolio of products are still available on ALL kiosks.


In the event you are a merchant or retailer still under contract with a money transfer company, no worries - we have the flexibility to remove "Money Transfer" icons (or any conflicting service icons) from our UI screen. Just let us know what services you want included from setup and installation - and when you reach the end of an existing contract term, we can then remotely add those icons to your kiosks.

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