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Since the launch and saturation of Digital Video Recorders (DVR) devices (like TiVo and DirecTV) that have allowed television viewers to "skip" through commercials, the high value of broadcast television spots were forever changed. Advertisers who once depended solely on television commercial airtime, had to now chase other media platforms to reach the elusive "captive audience".


Our Adserve and Narrowcast platforms on our Check Cashing Kiosks deliver a far superior captive audience value proposition than other means of reaching specific demographics such as outdoor (billboard advertising), radio, digital signage, and more. Then you have point-of-sale (POS) - and the power of POS is that an Advertiser can deliver messaging right at the point-of-purchase. In retail space, the most valuable positioning for POS marketing and product placement is at or near the cash registers, the check out lanes. Why? because this is advertising at the "point-of-money-transaction".


The point-of-money-transaction is the most effective placement for any Advertiser. Our Check Cashing Kiosks offer just that. This is why our kiosks and integrated platforms deliver far superior value propositions for the Advertiser.

And our AdServe and Narrowcast platforms are aggregated and remotely monitored by our AdServe partner, CallistoTV, a subsidiary of Black Pearl out of Switzerland. Their proven international software technology and infrastructure has been in use in a wide range of applications and venues for many years. The actual advertising aggregation is managed and served up by our well-known brand partners, Cox Target Media and Valpak. Read more about our partners >

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Narrowcast Adserve

When you advertise with us, you get the full customer support from brands you trust and campaign analytics for ROI. As an Advertiser, you will receive full reporting on all immediate user interactions with your brand (AdServe UI) - and traffic counts and demographic reporting (upper screen Narrowcast).


As a Brand Advertiser, you also have the option to purchase "Brand Kiosks" - where your brand owns the visual presence of your kiosks. In addition, you will receive a substantial monthly revenue stream - a percentage of ALL net revenue your kiosk produces - from all three ad platforms (AdServe UI, Narrowcast, and Financial Services). That's right. You get the superior brand exposure - and at the same time, you produce kiosk revenue each and every month.

To find out more about becoming a part of our AdServe and Narrowcast network, receive our rate card, or more information on projected revenue for our Brand Kiosk purchase program, Give Us a Call >


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